Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PACC Review

So over the weekend with my good pal Moony, I ventured out to South Philly to attend Philadelphia's Alternative Comic Con. I didn't know what to expect from Philly, considering it was my first time in that city. But I must say, this city of brotherly love was truly beautiful.
The center/city's architecture was so pretty (not to mention clean, well, cleaner than nyc) and the people were friendly (we even got free museum coupons from a lovely old couple on the bus!). Rumor has it rent in Philly is super cheap compared to smelly ole NYC, which means I may move there in the near future! hint hint.

On Saturday, we arrived at Cha Cha Razzi (an art studio occupied by the convention's very own host, Pat Ausilio) to attend the awards ceremony, Grawlix . There, we were reunited with old friends and even made new ones accompanied by cheap booze and live music.

On Sunday! Was the actual con, located in the Rotunda. It was way smaller than NY Comic Con and MoCCA, but damn it, whatta show! Being an alternative con and all, there weren't any signs of cosplayers (thank god)  but instead some good ole punk music in the background (there was even a DJ, Snaaaazzy!) and awesome artists!

Aside from fooling around at our table

(the folks across from our table had the most delicious looking cookies on Earth and Moony's drawing got us free ones! Thanks Moony!)

we sold a bunch of comics as well as monster portraits :

And the comics we got!
1) Love Pile
                        and Upset Cats Vol.1 by Ze San San 

[Ze is currently a RISD alumni, and her work, oh lord I just want to make sweet love to it. It's so fucking amazing, cute and most importantly, weird. Like her RISD peers, her art has that scratchy nib quality in addition to a great amount of details and sexual content, making it beautifully obscure.  Please go see her work.]

2)  Earl The Girl by Dominique Martin

[ Recent SVA alumni, Dominique presents a silly story about a girl named Earl, her dog Dog Dog, and her cat Cat Cat. Earl, having broken up with Dog Dog, meets up and falls in love with a guy with a vagina back (explaining that it's a "Phantom Taint"). 
And with that folks, I'm hooked. The story is adorable, and I'm totally digging the Kaz/Gary Baseman-esque. Can't wait til issue 2! ]

3) Ghost Comics
[An anthology of ghost stories and the pas haunting the present. 
 It includes artists such as Jeffrey Brown, Ed Choy Moorman, Corinne Mucha, Zak Sally, Toby Jones, and much more. A must read!)

4) Counter Attack #1 by Alisa Harris

[ahhhhhhh cute cats in cute scenarios. What is there not to like??
I've never owned a cat thus this comic was definitely a huge help in understanding cats. It's well drawn and made me laugh for minutes.  Please go check her stuff!)

 5) Puppy Teeth
[ warning: this minicomic contains extremely talented folks, thus will make you hate yourself. 
I've read this whole booklet like three times already. Good doesn't even describe it. 
Please do me a favor and check out these artists, IT'S IMPORTANTE:
-Martinez E Garcias

All very lovely stories!!
Plus, I got the chance to meet and befriend the amazing Kevin Czapiewski, who so happened to be my twitter buddy already (I didn't realize it until he brought it up! What a small world. haha).
Oh! and he made a cute lil drawing in the minicomic.
Chick looks familiar!

And talented friends who are the reason why I continue on living and loving comics:

(go read his webcomic, Imaginary Monsters!! 
p.s. this mofo= huge inspiration)
(His shirts are super rad and his photography is envy worthy)
(his crazy style is crazy. crazy good. Go die Josh)
(Watercolor master and a lady's man. Watch out world!)
(Remember his name, face and art. Your life will depend on it sooner or later)

THUS, it was definitely one of the best times I've had EVER at a con, and I must thank Pat for having the ability and patience to run this awesome con. Your hardwork is praised my friend.

And with that, 
I hope you find inspiration in these folks.

see ya!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Look! My comics are being reviewed!

Hey Hey,

Fresh Meat was a success. I sold lots of comics.
Here are reviews by people who were willing to hold their vomit while reading my comics!

J.P's review : link!

Hilary's review: link!

Pat's MoCCA review: link!

Ch-Ch-Check it out!

plus. some doodles I made for inking class.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just want to tell you folks that I have an official website

I have a blog there and I can't for the life of me redirect it to this one, but nonetheless I'll still use blogspot.

So yeah, hey guys. So as you may already know, MoCCA is over. Wonderlustcomics had some difficulties getting our table, so we weren't able to sell our zine. So yeah. But other than that, MoCCA was great!

And I literally gave out all my comics. I got good reviews for my foldy comic from awesome artists too, so I’m pretty much happy. :D

It was the best two days of any conventions I’ve attended. Ever.

Below is a mix of free swag n’ stuff I bought at MoCCA:

I HAVEN’T READ ANY OF EM YET (It’s quite intimidating, I don’t know where to start! D:)

But I’ll definitely post some comic reviews for yalls. SO PSYCHED.


I will be having work presented at the SVA Digital Projection Comix Reading on Friday, April 22 from 7pm to 9:30pm at the SVA 3rd fl. Amphitheater at the 23rd st. main building.



On Easter (aka April 24th, on Sunday) a talented friend by the name of Stephanie Mannheim will be doing a comix reading for The Sequential Artists Workshop Easter Fundraiser, along with other great comic artists: Dean Haspiel, John Kerschbaum, Lizz Hickey, Josh Bayer, Domitille Collardey, Leela Corman, Seth Kushner, Leslie Stein, and Martha Keavney.

(Her work is great, ya should check it out at

It’s located at the KGB bar upstairs theater on 85 East 4th st. from 7-9:30pm. ($5 admission).


According to plan, so far I’ll be having work at:

  • April 29th: Fresh Meat (mini con at SVA lounge; more info on that soon!)
  • June 10-12: AnimeNext (sharing it with my friend Christina)
  • Aug 14th: Philadelphia’s Alternative Comic Con (with my bestie Moony)


OK GUYS. More info and upcoming projects will be posted sometime this week.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Madness Dump!

Hey-o Daddy O's!

Tis been a while since I've updated my blog. Yikes!
School's been extremely hectic for me; last semester certain life events made me fall behind with primarily one class, and with the help of the domino effect, I fell behind in all my classes.
It was crazy.
And my time management sucked since then. I've been having a hard time completing homework assignments (aka comics) due to my curse of perfecting work. It's a pain.
But I'm loving my classes (my teachers, Tom Hart, Matt Madden, Jessica Abel, and Jason Little are the best cartooning teachers. They really are! google 'em folks!), and the comics I'm making definitely looks better than the earlier ones I made in the beginning of the year (I'll post the ones I like soon, I promise!).

So other than school work, I've been working hard on Wonderluscomics!
My friend Bort ( reserved a table for MoCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival) that's being held in April 2011. And Wonderlustcomics is sharing the table with him!
We're planning to have an issue done as well as pins for the festival!
It's currently in progress and can't wait for the end result! :D
Here's some drawings/drafts so far:

Cap'n Kat final character designs

Quartermasta Paiges final design

some doodles

So, for those who are following this or are unfortunately reading this crappily written post, you might have remembered me saying I was gunna make comics everyday and post 'em up.

NUH UH. AINT HAPPENING. 'cause I'm not really emtionally prepared for that extreme task with my OCD tendency to perfect EVERY FUCKING PANEL OF MY COMICS.

So in the meantime, I'm going to beat myself up when I don't provide ya guys a drawing per day.
We'll see how Kat fails. We'll wait.

Here's January 29th 2011's drawing:

My friend Lior at the top,
and moi at the bottom.

It was a crappily (I semi-like the character flow) made Burfday card for my very good friend Lior Zaltzman, who is a super talented young artist from school. She's one of the few important people in my life recently who has inspired me, and gotten me into using brushes and nibs again (using microns this whole time, what was I thinking?! durh).

Ya should check out her artwork! .
Really beautiful stuff she gots there. And her comics, DON'T GET ME STARTED.
Her brushwork is AH-MAZING.
She's also having a table at MoCCA so look out for her work! :D

Ok guys, I'm gunna start on work now, so take care!

See ya hip kittens,