Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Madness Dump!

Hey-o Daddy O's!

Tis been a while since I've updated my blog. Yikes!
School's been extremely hectic for me; last semester certain life events made me fall behind with primarily one class, and with the help of the domino effect, I fell behind in all my classes.
It was crazy.
And my time management sucked since then. I've been having a hard time completing homework assignments (aka comics) due to my curse of perfecting work. It's a pain.
But I'm loving my classes (my teachers, Tom Hart, Matt Madden, Jessica Abel, and Jason Little are the best cartooning teachers. They really are! google 'em folks!), and the comics I'm making definitely looks better than the earlier ones I made in the beginning of the year (I'll post the ones I like soon, I promise!).

So other than school work, I've been working hard on Wonderluscomics!
My friend Bort ( reserved a table for MoCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival) that's being held in April 2011. And Wonderlustcomics is sharing the table with him!
We're planning to have an issue done as well as pins for the festival!
It's currently in progress and can't wait for the end result! :D
Here's some drawings/drafts so far:

Cap'n Kat final character designs

Quartermasta Paiges final design

some doodles

So, for those who are following this or are unfortunately reading this crappily written post, you might have remembered me saying I was gunna make comics everyday and post 'em up.

NUH UH. AINT HAPPENING. 'cause I'm not really emtionally prepared for that extreme task with my OCD tendency to perfect EVERY FUCKING PANEL OF MY COMICS.

So in the meantime, I'm going to beat myself up when I don't provide ya guys a drawing per day.
We'll see how Kat fails. We'll wait.

Here's January 29th 2011's drawing:

My friend Lior at the top,
and moi at the bottom.

It was a crappily (I semi-like the character flow) made Burfday card for my very good friend Lior Zaltzman, who is a super talented young artist from school. She's one of the few important people in my life recently who has inspired me, and gotten me into using brushes and nibs again (using microns this whole time, what was I thinking?! durh).

Ya should check out her artwork! .
Really beautiful stuff she gots there. And her comics, DON'T GET ME STARTED.
Her brushwork is AH-MAZING.
She's also having a table at MoCCA so look out for her work! :D

Ok guys, I'm gunna start on work now, so take care!

See ya hip kittens,