Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer bummer sketches

While I was taking summer courses and fighting depression, I used up 2/3 of my sketchbook filled with stuff I drew so far during my summer vacation! Unfortunately it's filled with concept drawings for recent projects (working on character designs for Kail's upcoming animation and a creepy comic for The House of 7 Heads). So I can't really show you anything just yet. I do have other sketchies to show yalls:

concepts for monster design line or something. tba soonz

And if you ever were curious about my thumbnails/concept process (haha):

Also some news: 

So to those of you who follow my tumblr, I announced back in May that I was starting a webcomic called Theatre Bizarre. Unfortunately, due to working on the two major projects and taking classes, I'm planning to postpone it until the fall. It'll give me time to work on the storyline a bit more since I didn't feel comfortable posting a comic with half assed storyline.

So far the concept of the story is about an female explorer named Alex whose spaceship crashes onto a deserted planet, and finds a mysterious old theatre. As she enters the theatre, she finds herself trapped and meets others in the same situation. Together, they must get along and try to find ways to escape. Unfortunately for them, finding the exit isn't quite easy; there are about a thousand theatre doors that lead to some trouble or another (some lead to another dimensions, while others lead to a plain old theatre room. They never know what to expect from these rooms). 

Our main characters Alexandria (Alex), her brother simon, and their new friend Seek (a rejected Seek doodle right above him)

The whole point of Theatre Bizarre is treating it like it's a show, every "episode" or chapter is an adventure our main characters must take in a different theatre rooms. It's gunna be great. I'm already seeing the episodes playing in my head. I must admit that watching Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Twilight Zone over the years will definitely influence the series.

ok. going back to work now. byez.