Friday, April 27, 2012

Freshmeat & Mocca

Hey pals.
Lots o' things happening this week (before school ends!). First of all, Freshmeat is today (I regret not posting this sooner gahh!) and I'll be having a table there, in addition to a having one at MoCCA fest tomorrow & sunday with some great artists (table L13 come on by and meet us!). I'll be debuting my thesis in comic form that's affordable to all ages!

ALSOALSOALSO. Not gunna be using kittensforlunch site no longer. I've messed up big time with  last minute site design, so I apologize! I will be using this site instead for updated work as well as my tumblr from now on until I figure out how to use technologies.

Anyway,  here are some pics of stuff I'm gunna sell, and hopefully not pass out from lack of sleep. If ya happen to wanna buy some of these rad pieces, come on over to my shop! LOVEUGUYS.BYE.