Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thesis project update

So I should really start updating this puppy. Been busy working on my thesis for school (a 21 page comic based on The Island of Dr. Moreau by the great H.G. Wells). I'm actually really excited for the end results! However, they still need to be uber changed and edited, so I'm just going to show off some bits of it!

this was the 1st version of the cover

these are my favorite pages!

and these were the model sheets for Dr. Moreau, Prendick, and the hyena swine. 

I hope ya guys liked it! And now I must go work some more! 
(also, please pardon the appearance of my website kittensforlunch.com, I gotta edit it once I get the free time. In the meantime, I updated some comics if ya wanna check it out! [link])

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  1. ooooh~!this is awesome!://O LOVE the hyena/swine cross, ESPECIALLY those hooves! now,off to follow seh link! x3'